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| description = Food Manufacturers  
| description = Food Manufacturers  
| sicicb =SIC 1533
| sicicb =SIC 1533
| sector = Manufacture of Food, Beverages & Tobacco
| sector = Manufacture of Food; Beverages & Tobacco
| type =Private
| type =Private
| percent employee owned =46.5%
| percent employee owned =46.5%

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Company details
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Name: Wilkin & Sons Limited
Ticker: Unknown
Sector: Manufacture of Food; Beverages & Tobacco
Index: Unknown
Date joined: Unknown
EO %: 46.5%
Accounts: Dec 07
Revenue (£m): 19.0m
Employees: 221
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Ownership Attributes
Employees - individually %: 0.4%
Employees - through a trust %: 46.1%
Directors %: 5.6%
External shareholders %: 47.9%
SAYE (Yes/No): no
SIP (Yes/No): yes
CSOP (Yes/No): No
EMI (Yes/No): No


Long established business manufacturing high quality ambient products under the Tiptree brand (jams, marmalades, honey, curds, brandy butter, chutney, pickles, relishes, sauces and Christmas puddings). There are two subsidiary companies, Thursday Cottage with a product range akin to the above and Raven Patisserie specialising in cakes. The company also operates three tearooms. Employee involvement is almost entirely through two trusts - an Employee Benefit Trust and a SIP Trust.

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