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Company details
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Ticker: EWR
Sector: Investment Services
Index: 3%
Date joined: 31-Dec-02
EO %: 3.7
Accounts: Dec-11
Revenue (£m): 1.8
Employees: 25
Ownership Attributes
Employees - individually %:
Employees - through a trust %:
Directors %: 4.8%
External shareholders %:
SAYE (Yes/No):
SIP (Yes/No):
CSOP (Yes/No):
EMI (Yes/No):

Company description

East West Resources Plc, formerly Ambrian Capital plc, is engaged in providing commodity trading services and holds and manages strategic principal investments. The Company operates in four segments: Physical metals, Biofuels, Fossil fuels and Investment portfolio. The Company's Physical metals segment consists of Ambrian Metals Limited, a physical metals merchant. The Company's Biofuels segment consists of Ambrian Energy GmbH, a biofuels trader. The Company's Fossil fuels segment consists of Ambrian Energy Limited, a physical fuels merchant and Strategic Energy Bank Limited, an adviser and arranger of transactions. The Company's Investment portfolio segment consists of its principal investment portfolio held in Ambrian Principal Investments Limited. On March 30,2012, the Company sold Ambrian Partners Limited. In February 2013, it completed the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Ambrian Energy GmbH to HGM Energy GmbH (HGM).

Employee ownership description

The company s EBT owns 6.2% of the ordinary shares, over half of which have been granted as options to employees under a scheme which specifically excludes the directors.

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