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Company details
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Ticker: DAN
Sector: Investment Services
Index: 3%
Date joined: 22-Jun-09
EO %: 6.0
Accounts: Mar-12
Revenue (£m): 8.3
Employees: 48
Ownership Attributes
Employees - individually %:
Employees - through a trust %:
Directors %: 10.9%
External shareholders %:
SAYE (Yes/No):
SIP (Yes/No):
CSOP (Yes/No): Yes
EMI (Yes/No):

Company description

Daniel Stewart Securities Plc is a United Kingdom-based integrated financial services company, focusing on smaller-quoted companies. The principal activities of the Company are the provision of financial advice to companies and trading in financial instruments. The Company acts as nominated advisor and broker for alternative investment market (AIM) listed corporations. The Company operates in investment banking segment in the United Kingdom. As of March 31, 2010, the Company's subsidiaries included Daniel Stewart & Company plc, which is engaged in investment banking and Daniel Stewart Leasing Limited, which is engaged in lease finance. In July 2010, the Company acquired Mena RL (MENA).

Employee ownership description

The company operates an approved and an unapproved share option scheme for the benefit of all employees. 95% of the options outstanding are for the benefit of non-director employees. An EBT holds 6.0% of the issued share capital in readiness for option exercises.

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